What To Do Before A Flood Happens

Flooding waters

Beyond getting flood insurance for your home, there are other things that you can do to prevent damage from happening to it in the event of a flood. By preparing for a flood before it happens, you and your family can prevent the situation from becoming dangerous. The following are some major points to consider when protecting yourself from flood damage.

Check That Prevention Methods Are Working

This just means to check that your sump pump is working and that it has some form of battery power if the main power is shut off. Clear out your gutters so that water can flow off of your property the way it is designed to. Make sure that any electrical outlets are a foot above the home’s projected flood elevation. All of your appliances must be at least a foot above the projected flood elevation as well. Move all of your important documents and valuables to a safe spot in your home.

Keep Important Documents Filed

By creating a folder for all the information related to your belongings and keep it in a safe alongside your insurance policy. Also make sure that you have your agents contact information so that you can call them in the event of a flood emergency. In order to back up your insurance claims you will need to have a written and visual record of all your possessions. Include the serial numbers on appliances and store receipts for all major appliances and electronics. Have appraisal documents for things such as jewelry or art. Finance records and receipts will help you in filing claims to get money back towards your destroyed or damaged possessions.

Devise A Family Emergency Plan

First make a safety kit that includes clean water, first aid supplies, blankets, a flashlight, radio, and nonperishable food. Have a spot for all emergency numbers to be located next to the phone. Plan a route out of your home if it begins to flood and practice it with everyone in the home. By knowing how the land around your home floods, you can figure out where high ground is so that you can stay safe. Don’t forget to include things in your plan like pets or one important bag to grab before you leave your house.

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