What Causes Mold?

In order to understand what causes mold, first there needs to be an understanding of what mold is.  Mold is a kind of fungus and a carbon lifeform, and there are over 100,000 known types of fungi.  For the purpose of propagation, the standard fungi will reproduce through emitting millions of spores that can be carried on the wind, but also these spores can be carried on clothing, pet fur, water and other means through which they can move from one location to another.  These are incredibly resistant to heat, cold, dry temperatures so the usual methods of cleaning and removing molds can not work on these spores.  Finally, the variety of mold fungus lends to the difficulty in working to remove them.



Now that we have a working reference of what mold is, now it is time to understand how mold is caused.  The first thing that we have to know about mold is that the mold and the spores to create mold are pretty much everywhere.  No matter how clean you think that your home is, there are mold spores inside waiting to grow.  You, your pet, children may have had them come in on your shoes and clothes.  With the weather becoming cooler, mold spores could even travel in through an open window.


What feeds mold?  Understand that mold can grow anywhere.   Like any lifeform, mold needs food to grow.  It has a very varied diet, and it can use just about anything as ‘food’.  Mold can grow from old newspapers and books, human skin and dust.  Mold likes a high humidity for optimum growth.  This means that mold needs humidity to be around 70%, and the temperatures must be a minimum of 70 degrees with darkness and non-circulating air.  Under these conditions, mold can grow very quickly and become a very serious problem if it is not managed.   Also, mold likes moisture, so we tend to see mold and mildew in places like the kitchens and bathrooms of the home.

Disgusting hotel shower bathroom tile sealant with mould and mildew


Growing mold is very simple.  It doesn’t take much effort, and it is very hard to kill.  Mold can grow in a variety of places, but we tend to see it in basements, bathrooms and attics.  Mold likes areas of the home with moisture in abundant quantities which is one of the main reasons why mold is dangerous after water damage has been allowed to happen in the home. Will a home ever truly be rid of mold?  No, but if you understand what it takes to have mold and how it grows, you might be able to limit the ability of mold to ruin your home.
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