Water Damage Tips

When struck by water damage, time is of the essence.  It is essential that you address the issue as quickly as possible in order to limit and/or avoid further damages to your home or business.  Failure to do so promptly and properly can result in higher homeowner insurance rates, decreased resale value and it can even result in health issues.


Here are some great water damage tips to help:

✔ Quick Action - It is imperative that you have the source of the damage addressed quickly by a professional water mitigation company such as +Water Damage Zone, Inc.  We offer 24/7 professional, emergency water damage services that will get you back on dry feet in no time.  Remember, mold and mildew can begin growing in as little as 24 hours, so quick action is key.

✔ Clear The Area - When water damage strikes, the humidity level of the area increases.  This means that it isn’t just your wall and floors that can be affected.  Be sure to remove your furniture, paintings and other items from the area in order to keep the damage to a minimum.  If the source of the water damage is due to sewage overflow or flood waters, unfortunately you may have to make the hard decision of throwing out affected items to avoid further contamination and/or health issues.

✔ Report The Damage Promptly - Be sure to document and report all damage to your homeowner’s insurance adjuster promptly to ensure your home or business gets restored to pre-loss condition.  Don’t risk your health and investments by trying to do it yourself..  Water Damage Zone, Inc. works with all insurance companies, so you know we can get the job done quickly and right the first time with our full mitigation and restoration services.

✔ Inspect Your Home or Business - Water damage in a single area can affect the entire home or business beyond what you see at first glance.  Take the time to inspect the surrounded areas to ensure that the damage did not spread further than first thought.  Taking care of all the damage at once can save you a lot of time and more importantly, money.

When affected by water damage, call Water Damage Zone, Inc. for fact, friendly and professional water mitigation and restoration services.  We’re there when you need us most!  Toll Free: 1-877-520-1923