Three Types of Water Damage

Water Damage Los AngelesIf you find yourself facing water damage in your home or business, you likely have many concerns.  One of the most important things to identify when dealing water damage is the type of water damage you are facing.  There are three different types.  All three types are serious and must be addressed quickly and correctly in order to ensure the structural integrity of your building and the health of those inside, but their remediation methods may vary. It is critical that you determine which type you have so you can ensure the correct method of remediation is enacted as soon as possible.

The first type of water damage is clean water

This means that the water damage does not contain any harmful contaminants.  Clean damage is most commonly caused from rainwater or pipe bursts.

The second type of water damage is gray water

This means that there is some level of contamination in the water.  Gray damage is usually caused from the malfunction or flooding of household appliances such as dishwasher, refrigerator or empty toilet.

The thrid type of water damage is black water

This means that there are definitely serious contaminants that are harmful if they come in contact with skin or are consumed.  Black damage occurs from floods by natural disasters, sewer backups or toilet overflows.

It is important that you can identify (or attempt to identify) the type of water damage in your home or business when deciding on a course of action.  Prompt action is important following a water-related disaster or accident.  The speed with which you take action will determine how much can be salvaged and the scope of the remediation and restoration.  Water damage restoration firms that are licensed and bonded are the best people to call if you face water damage.  Notify them as soon as possible with the type of the water damage and the extent that you believe that it has spread.  They can take care of clean, gray and black damage the right way and get your home – and your life – back to normal.

Water Damage Zone is specializing in the following restoration services:

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