The Dangers of Mudslides

Mudslides can happen in any area but are most likely to happen in dry areas with lots of rocks, earth and debris. These debris will begin flowing down in rivers or channels on the sides of hills and mountains. As they gain momentum they will take down bigger objects in their path. You can protect yourself from the danger of a mudslide by studying the area that you live in.

Contributing Factors of a Mudslide

Mudslides have an increased likelihood on hillsides with destroyed vegetation, areas fires have happened, or in places that have had a drought. The rain starts to accumulate in pockets in the ground and then begins to flow down the hill, gathering rocks, earth and debris.

Mudslides Are Dangerous

They are known to cause between 25 and 50 deaths every year in the United States alone. This is because mudslides carry fast moving debris that will hit people or carry them away. They also cause broken electrical lines, gas lines, sewage pipes, and water pipes. When they come in contact with roads and railways they can completely shut down the access from one area to another. The best thing to do is seek safe, high ground.IMG_8498

How to Plan for Mudslides

Planning for mudslides is important in areas that are prone to them. Find out where mudslides have happened in your town. Talk to local authorities like geologists or the department of natural resources. They will be able to point you towards emergency evacuation plans for your area. Let everyone living in your home know what they are supposed to do in the event of a mudslide. Knowing what to do will save you precious time in the event of a severe natural disaster such as a mudslide.

In the Aftermath

Even after a mudslide is over you must maintain caution. Stay away from the area because it is still in danger of more mudslides and flooding. If anyone is trapped or injured make sure that you call 911 for emergency help. By listening to the news you can stay up to date on the mudslide and which areas are being effected. Report any damaged structures or utilities to authorities so they won’t cause any more damage to the area.


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