Surfers Beware! Dangers of High Surf Levels

Check Surf Advisories


You can check on sites like that allow you to see the specific surf conditions of the area that you live in. It is important to be aware of the surf on any given day but especially if there is a storm coming. Many times you won’t even know if bad weather is going to happen unless you check ahead of time. Always be prepared by checking the news for weather updates before going in the ocean.

Only Surf Beaches with Lifeguards

By going to beaches with lifeguards you help to ensure that if something does happen that you will be able to be rescued. When people underestimate the strength of the water current they can easily be sucked in. If there are no lifeguards a situation where someone could easily be rescued can end in their inability to get out of the current. Many times when surfers are in areas without supervision they will get sucked into the water and lose control.

Stay in Safe Waters

Avoid the dangers of high surf and rip currents by staying out of the water, especially near rock jetties. The current can easily cause surfers to crash into rocks and become seriously injured. This is once again why it is important to surf with friends and near lifeguards so that help can be called to the scene in the event of an emergency. It is also important to note that if you are caught in a rip current, swimming parallel to the shore will help. Just keep swimming parallel to the shore until you are free from the current.

Know Your Limits and Have the Right Equipment

By knowing the surf conditions that you can handle and the ones that you can’t, you can avoid putting yourself in situations where you will get hurt. Not using damaged equipment such as surfboards will also ensure that you won’t be put in a dangerous situation. Make sure that you have a good board as well as a properly fitting wet suit that will keep you warm and dry. By properly preparing you will make sure that you have a safe and fun surf session.

When is a time that you or someone you knew got sucked into a rip current while swimming? How did you/they get out?
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