Sewer Water Backup

Whether you own your home or you rent, there are few things that can occur in your home that are more traumatic and quite frankly horrible than a sewer water backup.  These not only possess the stress of water damage, but they also have added rankness of waste water that makes it a true double whammy.sewage blog img


So how does the sewer water backup occur?  They happen for many reasons.  You can have tree roots in your lines, an aging sewer system, combined and blocked pipes.  Whatever the cause, when it occurs, it is tough to deal with. How do tress affect the pipelines?  As your home ages and depending on the age of the home, the home can settle placing stress on the pipes.  These stresses can create cracks which seep water.  As trees and shrubs seek water sources, they can find their roots can find ways into the roots creating blockages.  As more and more roots enter the pipes, there is nowhere for the water to go, so you have a water backup.

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Aging sewer systems also play a role in sewer water backups.  With the sewer systems in the United States being on average over 35 years old, this means that there are sewer lines that are potentially upwards of 50-60 years old.  This leads to clogs and simple breakdowns from time resulting in waste and sewer water backup. Combined pipes become an issue when the pipes are responsible for removing both sewer and rainwater.  The lines might become overloaded and backup as a result.  It is always best to stay away from combined pipes if you are able.


Where does sewer water backup?  The short answer is that it backs up in the lowest point in the house.  This is usually the basement, and from experience, it can be a difficult and messy cleanup. How do you keep the drains open?  One of the best ways to keep the lines open is to have an annual inspection of the lines by a company that can assess the quality of the lines and clear blockages if necessary.  This will keep your lines running smoothly, cleanly and most importantly quickly into the municipal water system.


Most importantly, be careful what you are putting down your drains and toilets.  Remember that just because it goes down the kitchen drain or goes down the toilet that it is magically out of your life.  Items and sludge can accumulate in the drain and pipes which over time will create back ups.  Be smart with what goes down the pipes.

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