Repairing Water Damaged Drywall



Drywall becomes water damaged in the home as well when flooding occurs. When you’re dealing with this type of problem time is of the essence. You may even need to contact professionals if the damage is extensive. Taking care of the problem fast is important so that mold doesn’t have time to form.

Diagnosing Drywall Water Damage

The first thing you need to do is detect whether you have water damaged drywall or not. You may notice soft areas or discoloration where water has damaged the wall. Sometimes this damage occurs as a result of putting out a fire in the home. If the damage extends around the whole home, professionals are the best way to restore them to their original condition.

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Drywall Mold

If the drywall isn’t dried in a certain amount of time, mold will begin to form. You will notice black spots on the wall and a musty odor. When you notice these signs it is best to contact a professional like Water Damage Zone who has experience removing mold professionally. When a drywall has sat wet for too long it allows mold to begin to take hold and growing on it. Even if the exterior of the wall has no mold, the interior may be infested with mold spores.

Preventing Drywall Water Damage

Things like dehumidifiers and fans will help keep rooms in the home ventilated so that moisture doesn’t have time to build up. Drying walls quickly when they get water damaged is the most important priority. This means that special equipment may need to be employed in order to swiftly remediate the problem. Contacting a professional water damage company is often the best option in this situation because they are specially equipped to identify and resolve any water damage and mold problems that may arise.


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