Repairing Ceiling Water Damage

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When your ceiling sustains water damage, it is important for your health and home to fix the problem immediately. If the water damage remains for too long it will lead to mold and the structure of your home will become weaker. Knowing how to address this problem with save you time and money in the future.

Stop the Leak

The source of the leak needs to be stopped before you can begin any work repairing the home. If the leak isn’t repaired, then any water that enters will undo any repair work you may have made.

Dry the Ceiling

After you have sealed the leak, you can begin to dry off the ceiling with towels and a shop vac. It is important that you clean the ceiling from above and below it. This means the flooring/roofing above where the ceiling is located. If there is a bulge in the ceiling this means that there could be water sitting inside the ceiling. In this case use a bucket and knife to puncture the bulge into the bucket. Allow the area to completely dry.


Remove Damaged Ceiling

Pieces of ceiling may be hanging off or bulging out. This needs to be scraped away and smoothed before repairs can be performed. Any flakes or chips should be scraped off as well. The ceiling should be as flat and smooth as possible.

Sand the Ceiling

Now you are going to need to sand the ceiling so that it can be smoothed even more. Small holes can be filled in with joint compound. For bigger holes, you will need to use drywall and plaster to repair them. After these repairs have dried you will need to sand them down so that they are level with the rest of the ceiling.


Now that you are done with the repairs and everything has dried, you are ready to paint. First apply a coat of primer to the ceiling. After this you will need to let the primer dry and then apply a coat of paint. The best way to do this is to completely paint your whole ceiling so that the color matches and there aren’t any spots.


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