Removing Water Stains from Wood Furniture


Water leak

When water spill on your wood furniture you may find yourself infuriated at returning the wood to its original color. First you should try to figure out how deep the wood is damaged. The color will tell you about the depth of the stain on your furniture.

Colors of Water Stains

White- a stain made by liquid or steam is usually white or lighter colored. This stain has just penetrated the polished surface of the wood. Just rub this stain with some oil and polish it away.

Darker colors- these stains have penetrated into the deeper layers of the wood and require the help of a professional to repair.

Fixing Light Stains

If you have lighter stains on your wood furniture you can fix them by using various methods. If oil alone doesn’t fix the stain you can also employ the help of baking soda and toothpaste. Mix these together at a 1:1 ratio and rub with a wet cloth on the stain in a circular motion. Do this until the stain has completely disappeared.

Using Solvent

Be careful when using a solvent to remove a stain. First, get an old fabric like a towel and dip it into a solvent while wearing gloves. Squeeze all of the solvent from the towel and rub it on the underside of your wood furniture to test a small area. You want to make sure that it doesn’t discolor your wood. If it works, then you can rub this on the wood until the mark disappears.

Recovering Finish

After removing any water stains, your wood’s finish may have been damaged. In order to restore it you will need to purchase a paste wax for wood and then use a clean towel to apply it to the furniture. Follow the directions on the wax and allow it to sit on your furniture and dry before polishing it off.



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