Removing Musty Odors

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Sometimes homes develop a musty odor that never seems to go away. This odor can be eliminated or masked by following some simple steps. It is best however to have a professional mold company, like Water Damage Zone, come to inspect the home for mold first. If your home does have mold it will need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the home and your health.


The foul odor from mold in buildings are the gasses that they put off. That with the right amount of moisture, no air circulation, and dim light will allow the mold to grow. Anywhere that moisture builds up in the home will be an area that possibly could be housing mold and producing a musty odor. Once this odor is produced it finds its way into fabrics where it becomes hard to remove.

Don’t Allow Moisture to Build Up

By finding areas where moisture builds up and repairing them you will prevent mold from growing. Make sure your home stays completely dry all the time and mold will not be allowed to grow. This means making sure that all rooms are properly ventilated and allowed access to fresh air. Dehumidifiers are available for purchase that will prevent the buildup of moisture in the air of your home.

Removing Odors

Even after following the previous tips, you may find that the musty smell has not been completely removed from the room. This could possibly indicate remaining mold spores that will continue to grow if not treated. You should clean all rooms with a cleaning agent that kills mold and call mold professionals to inspect the home. Also, activated charcoal can help to remove stubborn odors from your room.


Do you have any other tips for removing musty odors from your home? Let us know in the comments.


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