Quick and Discreet Crime Scene Cleanup

Not only does Water Damage Zone specialize in water damage, we also specialize in crime scene cleanup. When a crime happens there is often an aftermath of debris such as blood, weapons, and broken belongings. When this happens in your home or business, trust professionals to completely remove all traces of any mess. We are discreet and efficient, quickly cleaning up any mess so that you can move on with your life.

Immediate Response

Call our specialists 24/7 for an immediate response to any crime scene cleanup that is necessary. We will send professionals to the scene right away to analyze and quickly determine the best course of action for cleaning up your crime scene.

Our Services
Blood Clean Up
Homicide Clean Up
Suicide Clean Up
Biohazard Clean Up
Death Clean Up
Disinfecting a Crime Scene

Disinfecting the crime scene is the most important part of the job. Crime scenes can leave behind biohazardous materials such as blood, skin, or other materials. Our specialists use special equipment and cleaning solutions to completely disinfect the area from any of this. We will make sure to treat your home and family with compassion as we complete the task of cleaning your home or business.

Hire Professionals

Water Damage Zone specialists are specially trained in crime scene cleanup. This means that not only have we passed all of the certification exams necessary, but we also adhere to all of the county, state and federal protocols when cleaning up a crime scene in your home. Trust us to help you every step of the way with cleaning up any crime scene.


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