Proper use and cleaning of a Humidifier

There are many benefits to using a humidifier in your home.  They can help relieve sinus infections, helps to recover from colds and flus faster.  Humidifiers can help keep the air from being too dry resulting in nose bleeds.  It can help alleviate snoring and it keeps your skin looking great.

With all the benefits of using a humidifier, would you know how to keep your humidifier running and clean?  It is very important to make sure that your humidifier is running at its best in order to prevent it from actually harming your home.

With the water inside a humidifier, it can grow bacteria and mold like any water source.  If this water is allowed to sit in the humidifier for extended periods, then next time you use your humidifier, you might not only be spreading beneficial moisture around the home, but harmful bacteria and mold as well.  These bacterium and molds can result in allergies and sickness.  Just what the humidifier is trying to help you overcome.Water Damage Photo

In order to prevent this from happening to your humidifier, there are some simple steps to follow.  The first step is to clean the filter of the humidifier.  Unplug the humidifier and remove the filter.  Hold under a faucet and rinse to wash away any grime that might be present.  Leave the filter to dry.  Now you can clean the rest of the unit.  It is important to remember, don’t use cleaning solutions on the filter as these can damage the filter.  Most humidifiers require you to change the filter.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the frequency for change.

The next step to clean the unit is to clean the water tank.  Remove the tank from the unit, and pour out all the old water.  Next, fill the tank with 2 cups of vinegar, and swish this around.  Make sure that it covers all points of the inside of the tank.  Vinegar acts as a solvent, and it loosens the grime in the water tank.  Rinse the tank thoroughly when you are done.  You may want to use a scrub brush to get the tough points of grime.  Stick with the vinegar as any other cleaning agent can stick to the tank, and it can be pumped into the air when the unit is in use.

Finally, use a damp sponge with a vinegar and water mixture to wipe out the rest of the humidifier.  This simple step will prohibit dust from entering the tank.  If you keep the dust out of the humidifier, then mold and bacteria have nothing to ‘feed’ upon to help grow.

There are many ways to clean out a humidifier, but this step is simple, and it is good for the environment.  If you take care of your humidifier, then your humidifier will take care of you.  Clean it regularly, and it will become one of your most trusted appliances.

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