Molds play an important role outside

  Molds occur in nature and are an important part of the natural environment.  Molds play an important role outside your home by decomposing organic materials like fallen trees, leaves and other natural waste.  However when mold is in your home it is very dangerous and cause serious damage to both the building and to your health.  Part of the reason that mold is so dangerous is that it reproduces very quickly and spreads throughout the air.  Mold reproduces via millions of airborne microscopic spores.  Airborne mold is so dangerous because you can breath it in and it can cause serious respiratory problems.

Since mold requires water to grow many people assume that if there is no visible water than there isn’t any mold present.  This is a dangerous – and usually incorrect – assumption.  Where mold may not always be able to be seen due to its tiny size, it doesn’t have to be seen to be present.  In fact, even if it isn’t visible you can still breath it in.  Mold will often grow in places that are unseen but it can still be spreading through the air – and then insidiously grow in other places in your property.  The reality is that the most common places for mold to grow places that are hidden and are rarely seen such as attics, crawl spaces, under stairs, behind wallpaper, basements, behind cupboards and in damp carpet.  These are places that are often out of sight and so we often do not realize that mold is growing there.

The team at Water Damage Zone and Restoration performs mold remediation.   Our team is here to locate the mold in your home and remediate it.  With our decades of experience we will be able to locate mold issues that an untrained person may never find or even know is there.

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