Mold May Be Causing Your Fatigue

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You’ve been experiencing low energy and fatigue for a while now and you’re not sick. Well, it may seem like you’re sick but nothing is showing up when you go to the doctor. Other symptoms may be present such as sinus infections, sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, headaches, rashes, allergies, or asthma. All of these things contribute and make your fatigue even worse.

Excessive Sleep

Mold exposure can lead to sleeping all day long, up to 16 hours. You may even be calling out of your job because you’re so exhausted that you can’t get out of bed. Even moving around the house to eat or take a shower will seem like a lot of work.


Why Does Mold Make Me Tired?

Mold exposure can leave us feeling tired for a lot of different reasons. Respiratory problems don’t allow us to breathe in proper amounts of oxygen, so we end up feeling tired. Coughing and wheezing at night won’t allow us to sleep. Mold causes many problems in humans that cause them to feel uncomfortable, leaving them unable to get in a position where they can sleep. It is even known to cause depression. All of these things contribute to your overall fatigue.

What Can I Do?

You should have hopefully already seen a doctor for your symptoms. If not, make sure you go to the doctor so that they can treat any physical ailments that you may be experiencing. After you ensure your own health, you need to look into calling mold remediation professionals, like Water Damage Zone, to completely eliminate it from your home. We do a free home inspection and consultation to inform clients of the necessary steps to solve their mold problem. Mold specialists know exactly where to check, in hard to reach places like vents and inside walls, in order to thoroughly evaluate your home.

Have you ever experienced fatigue from mold? What did you do about it? Let us know in the comments section.

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