Mold in Gyms

When you are working out, it is in an attempt to re-shape your body.  In this process, it is natural to break a sweat as the body begins the change that routine exercise can provide. However, there is something that also wants you to exert sweat because your sweat is as good for it as the exercise is for you.  That something is mold, and the gym, whether it is the local gym or the one in your home is a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Let’s begin by stating that mold and mold spores are everywhere.  They travel on air currents looking for a suitable place to land and begin to grow.  In most cases, molds prefer areas with access to moisture, humidity and consistently warm temperatures for optimum growth. The gym is the perfect environment for mold, because all of the conditions that mold seek are present there.  The temperatures are constantly in a warmer range promoting mold growth.  There is moisture in the air from the heating and cooling systems, but also from the sweat being exerted in addition to the basic moisture in the exhaling of people working out.  This moisture can create a base humidity that mold can thrive in.

Closeup of nice wet legs on whiteWhere would mold grow in a gym?  First off, it can grow anywhere.  With people working out, it can grow on the machines that are being used, particularly if these are not being wiped down or disinfected regularly.  There is a possibility that you could be using a machine that has mold growing on and in it.Also, the showers and sauna rooms of gyms can be prime breeding grounds for mold.  With the constant moisture that is in and splashed outside of the areas, mold can take hold anywhere.  These areas should be consistently and regularly disinfected along mold cleaning standards to limit the growth of mildew and mold. Since many gyms are large open structures similar to warehouses, sometimes leaks can occur in the plumbing and in areas that are not regularly examined.  Building checks should be conducted on a regular basis to prevent the development and growth of mold.

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Will the mold make you sick?  There is potential for that, but it depends on the mold.  In many cases, mold can trigger respiratory ailments such as wheezing, shortness of breath and asthma.  While not always fatal, the presence of mold can severely limit your ability to achieve fitness, particularly if you are looking to improve your cardio.  In other cases, molds can trigger severe reactions that will require medical assistance and hospitalization, but these are usually dependent on extreme cases and issues with the respiratory system.Mold is present in every aspect of our lives, and in most cases we have learned to live with it.  In the gym, mold has the potential to grow rapidly.  Make sure that if you use the gym to wipe the machines down after you use them and wear slippers into and out of the shower/sauna rooms to limit the affect of mold on your body.


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