Mold Dogs


If you’re struggling with getting rid of mold from your home there is one solution that you may not have thought of, a mold dog. Mold sniffing dogs are becoming more popular due to their ability to efficiently identify mold. It has been found that mold dogs are able to more accurately identify mold than humans.

Benefits of Using a Mold Dog

Dogs are able to figure out exactly where the mold is and identify it. This can cut out the hours of work looking for the mold by yourself. Also, by taking you directly to the specific areas affected it can lower costs for homeowners. Dogs allow for faster mold detection which lowers the cost of remediation. If your home is large then dogs are definitely going to be quicker at detecting mold, than people who will have to manually check every area.

Service Dogs

As a society we have used dogs for a long time for a range of things that humans just don’t have the necessary abilities to do. The military and law enforcement agencies have been using them for over 20 years to detect weapons and drugs. There are companies that raise dogs and train them to detect mold as well as offer their services to insurance and real estate professionals.

Why You Should Use a Mold Dog

Dogs have been trusted for years in military and law enforcement to properly identify weapons and drugs more effectively than humans. Dogs provide a large amount of certainty in whether your home contains mold or not. They only know how to do what they’ve been trained to do, so a dog will never lie to you about whether there is mold or not. They are even able to find mold that is hidden deep inside of walls.


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