Kitchen Water Damage

For being a central part of the home with a lot of daily activity, there are many different areas of the home’s kitchen that can incur water damage.  The most common areas for water damage in a kitchen would be the sink, refrigerator and the  dishwasher in the room.  Much of the damage that you will experience will result from the rotting of wood near the water with a higher chance for mold depending on the length of time the water damage is allowed to remain.



The first area to examine is the kitchen sink.  Remember, leaks are common under a kitchen sink.  The most common reasons for leaks are water supply valves, faucets and drainpipes.  If these leaks are allowed to continue, they can cause significant damage to the floor and inside of cabinets through wood rot, warping, mold and the growth of mildew.

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The second area to remain vigilant for water damage in the kitchen is the refrigerator.  Your refrigerator can cause leaks by either having a leaking or malfunctioning hose connection to a water supply if the refrigerator has an ice maker.  If the line freezes, then you may have an issue if it bursts.  Also, refrigerators that have the freezers on the bottom have to carefully watched and defrosted on a regular basis in order to prevent ice build up which can thaw and spread water under and behind your refrigerator.



The final area to watch for water damage in a kitchen is in the area of the dishwasher.  Like the refrigerator, the dishwasher is an appliance that is heavy, but it can also obstruct the visible signs of water damage.  Remember, the dishwasher has a large amount of water that flows through it per cycle.  You should check your hoses and seals of the dishwasher on a regular basis to watch for leaks.  An unattended dishwasher can leak gallons of water in the kitchen.  Be attentive to this appliance.



In any home, the kitchen can be a place where you create value and memories.  It can also be a place that requires tremendous upkeep.  The best that homeowners can do is make sure that their appliances are always in a working order.  Check for leaks on a regular basis, and fix when a leak is found.  If you take care of your kitchen, then it will add the value to your home that you expect.



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