Keeping your Sauna Mold Free

Saunas are a great piece of luxury that if you are lucky enough to have one in your home, you should always take full advantage of it.  However, if you choose to indulge yourself with a sauna, make sure that you are well versed in how to care for the sauna to prevent mold and mildew.  These can make you not want to use your sauna very quickly if left unchecked.


The first thing that you want to address with a sauna is that the ventilation of the room is enough to handle the use of the sauna.  To prevent mold, the sauna room must be properly sealed, waterproofed and well ventilated.  If you choose to use the sauna regularly, then you run the risk of having the development of mold and mildew begin early and become worse with each subsequent use.

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Remember that the benefits of the sauna come from the ability to make you warm and sweat.  As a result, there is plenty of moisture and warm temperatures for the sauna to use to create mildew.  Mildew and mold prefer these conditions, and if you compound the issue by not cleaning the sauna well, then mold can grow and grow quickly.   If the sauna is along an exterior wall of the home, then venting the moisture and heat is simple as it goes directly outside.  However, if the sauna is in an interior room, then special precautions must be taken to ensure that the sauna is properly sealed for moisture and the venting works into the duct work similar to the bathroom venting.


Another aspect of the sauna to remember is that the sauna door should open out, not in.  The area that the sauna opens out on should be properly ventilated as well along the lines of the sauna itself.  Just because this area is not directly in the sauna, mold and mildew can grow here quickly too.


The final aspect of the sauna is to look at if it is a wet sauna or a dry sauna.  Both produce humidity, but the wet works by pouring water over hot rocks to produce steam.  In both cases, you will want to make sure that the steam is properly kept in the sauna, but when time is right for venting, the steam goes where it should in the ductwork for proper removal.


Saunas are great additions for the home.  They are great for relaxation after a hard day, but be vigilant with the way you sauna works in removing the heat and humidity.  Remember that mold can move and grow quickly in the home if the conditions are right.  The sauna offers the perfect conditions, and an unclean sauna is one no one wants to use.  Make sure that you are constantly cleanly and maintaining your sauna to keep it running great.



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