Is Mold Toxic

When we hear the word “mold” we have initial fears of our well-being and that of our families as well.  It is necessary to take these fears seriously, but is mold really toxic?  It seems that due to recent studies that they potentially are not.

According to the CDC, molds themselves are not inherently toxic.  Certain molds can produce toxic substances called mycotoxins, yet many molds are neither toxic nor poisonous.  However this doesn’t mean that mold is not a serious issue.IMG_20150514_111857

Mold is always present.  It exists inside home and office buildings alike.  It can be found in the air we breath and on the surfaces of items we are consistently in contact with, yet there are few reports to say that mold is responsible for rare health issues such as memory loss.

The effects of mold that most commonly found in people are in the infections and complications in the upper respiratory tract systems.  These issues can be presented in the form of a cough, wheezing in light cases, and move up towards asthma in the more extreme cases.  People who have a sensitivity to allergies find that they have the most issues with the presence of mold.Mold Prevention & Remediation Services

Just because there are no links to toxicity for mold it does not mean that mold should be taken lightly.  For people who are sensitive to mold, it can be a very unbearable existence as nasal issues, irritation, wheezing and skin irritation can all be manifest with the issues of mold.  In more extreme cases, there may be fever and shortness of breath.  At the worst, people can routinely develop fungal infections in the lungs that will require medical attention.

If you find mold in your home, then you should take every precaution and step to clean up the mold in order to limit your personal exposure to the effects, but also your family as well.  In many cases, the mold can be a simple clean up using water and bleach.  Under no circumstances, never mix bleach with ammonia as this creates toxic fumes more harmful than the mold.

If you find that the potential issue is extensive or you just want to be sure you are finished with the situation, it would be best to bring in a reputable mold remediation company to assess your situation.  This company would be able to identify and suggest a course of action that could limit and eliminate the effects of mold in your home.



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