How to identify and respond to a Washing Machine leak

Finding and responding to leaks in household appliances, like washing machines can be a very tricky business.  Where the water is pooling might not be where the water is leaking from.  This is why the first important step is to make sure the washing machine is on level ground.  This will allow you to better locate the source of the water.

Once the leak has been fixed, and the washing machine is no longer leaking, then it is time to do water clean up.  You will want to handle this in several steps, but it can be done by you.  If you find that the job is too large or the damage might be too extensive, then it may be time to consider a mold specialist.Water Damage Clean Up

The first step in clean up is to remove the water from the immediate area.  It is very important that water is not allowed to sit for extended periods in the home.  Water can damage everything in the home.  They don’t call it the universal solvent for nothing.  Water can damage walls, carpets, furniture, metal in the home. You also run the increased risk of having mold develop and grow throughout your home.  If you have standing water, get rid of it immediately.

The best way to do the water clean up is to use a wet/dry vacuum and begin removing the water.  Collected water can simply be poured down a drain in a utility sink or in a bathroom.  Keep up with this task as a simply having 2-3” of water on the floor can yield a surprising number of gallons needing to be removed.  To assist with the wet/dry vac, it is okay to use dry towels to soak up water from carpets.  Any attempt to dry areas should include having a fan to give direct air flow drying the areas more efficiently, but also be using a dehumidifier in order to pull moisture from the area.  Keep a cycle of drying going in order to gain complete drying of the area.Proper water cleanup and mold removal equipment

If the attempts to dry the area are not working, then it is time to call a company that can assist in drying and saving the area.  The main emphasis for this immediate action is to prevent the growth of mold in the home.  Mold is a very dangerous and costly issue to have in your home.  If the water is not being dried, you will want to call a mold specialist as soon as possible to limit the potential damage that mold can have in your home.  The proper mold specialist can make all the difference in your ability to enjoy your home again.



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