How Does Steam Cause Mold in Your Bathroom?

Overflowing bathtub


Mold often begins in the bathroom because of a buildup of moisture. This moisture usually comes from steam that accumulates on tiles and grout over time when you use the shower. If you notice mold in your bathroom you are probably wondering how it got there. Let’s go over how steam causes mold to quickly grow in the bathroom.


The bathroom is usually the room in the house that contains the most fixtures that use water. All of these water fixtures allow the bathroom to accumulate large amounts of moisture if not properly maintained. Don’t depend on vents in the bathroom to keep it dry, eventually the dampness in the room will lead the way to mold if not properly cared for. By taking the time to clean the bathroom thoroughly with detergent and a scrub brush, you can prevent mold from spreading quickly. In addition to this, keep your floors dry with towels and mats so that water can’t sit on them for long periods of time.

Ventilation in the Bathroom

Bathrooms need to be properly ventilated in order to stay as dry as possible. By closing bathroom doors while you are using the shower, you trap moisture inside of the room instead of letting it escape. While this moisture is sitting on the floor and walls, it allows mold to slowly start growing. By simply leaving the bathroom door open while you shower, you can prevent moisture from accumulating. Also, putting a fan on to blow air out of the bathroom can help get rid of excess steam as well. If you don’t have a vent fan in the ceiling, you may want to try putting one in a window or by the doorway to blow the steam out.

Disgusting hotel shower bathroom tile sealant with mould and mildew

Damaged Grout

Grout needs to be replaced twice a year in the bathroom in order to prevent it from deteriorating. It’s time to replace your grout if it has begun to chip. Once grout is damaged, all it takes is for moisture to find its way into cracks and crevices so that hidden mold can start growing. This mold is hard to remove because it’s difficult to get into a tight space like a crack in a tile. Besides preventing mold, replacing the grout in your tiles will keep your bathroom looking clean and fresh.

What methods do you use to keep mold out of your bathroom? Let us know in the comments.

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