Help, I Have a Toilet that Backed Up

One of the worst experiences that a homeowner can have is to come home after a long day at work and discover that a toilet has overflowed due to a backed up sewer line.  It can be incredibly disheartening and just gross to have to deal with.  When you run into this issue, it is best to just have it cleaned as soon as possible.

Every kind of water damage can degrade the quality of the home that experiences damage.  Wood becomes weakened.  Carpets are destroyed, and you can see the growth of mold in the area increased.  The complication from dealing with sewer water is that it is highly unsanitary, and it creates very unique issues that have to be accounted for.


One of the main reasons toilets overflows occur is through clogs.  In order to have a properly working septic system, read carefully what can be flushed and what can’t.  Some toilet papers, body hair among other things can contribute to the improper ability of the water to flow normally.  Sanitary bleach wipes can become caught in the lines, and if enough are flushed, you have a real issue on your hands.  You won’t notice this at first, but eventually, there will be a sewage bomb ready to go off.


The first gurgling sounds of a toilet can be shocking as you try to figure out what just happened.  In these early moments, water is moving out of the bowl and as water tends to do, it finds the lowest place to settle.  If you are fortunate, this occurs in an unfinished basement, but sometimes this can occur in an upper floor bathroom as well.

There are many issues that occur from having a toilet back up with the primary being the condition of the water.  In most cases, this water, called blackwater, is already rich with sewage.  It is incredibly unsanitary and foul to deal with.  These back-ups can also lead to permanent damage to your home through rust, odor and insects.  Mold grows freely in this kind of water damage, and these molds can grow in drywall, wood, wallpaper, etc.  Any location that has been affected is a candidate for mold growth.  Floor covers can be ruined, and you’ll have to remove carpets and rugs contaminated.  Finally, appliances can be ruined, and there is a risk of electrical and fire hazards as well.

wrecked home

Your best option in dealing with a toilet back-up is to contact a professional restoration service as soon as possible.  Many certified restoration companies will respond in a professional and rapid manner with all necessary equipment to combat and bring your home back.  It is highly unadvisable to tackle this issue on your one as this issues from this kind of water damage cannot only damage your home, but they can have serious health impacts for you and your family.  Contacting a water damage restoration service allows you to have the job done right the first time.  Toilet back-ups are already unpleasant to experience without the stress of cleanup on you.

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