Hazardous Sewage Cleanup


Sewers overflowing is a cause of dangerous health threats to humans and animals. Sewage backups can occur indoors or outdoors and should be cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid any health risks. Sewage not only contains harmful substances, but it also is a liquid so it dissolves things as well as soaking into them, making it hard to completely remove.

Deadly Water

Sewage is deadly water that can travel back up through your toilets or sinks. This water houses millions of germs and bacteria that will wreak havoc on your immune system. In the event of this happening you will need to act quickly and remove yourself and anyone else from being exposed to these dangerous contaminants. The water can seep into carpets as well as vents and drywall in your home. It is important that you seek help for this situation as soon as possible to return your home to a normal, safe state.

Dangers of Sewage

Sewage is not only disgusting but it contains many foul substances. Amongst these is fecal matter that will float around in your home carrying all sorts of bacteria and parasites that you won’t want to encounter. Other things you may encounter are objects that shouldn’t have ended up in the sewer in the first place. Things like hair, grease, garbage, or even wet wipes. Sewers can back up due to many reasons: plant roots growing through pipes, obstructions from foreign objects, or even structural damage to the pipes that has occurred over time.

shutterstock_163558691Only Trust Professionals

Because of the dangerous nature of sewage waste, it should never be handled on your own. You should always call professionals who have the proper equipment and knowledge to deal with the situation. This will prevent you or anyone else from coming into contact with harmful substances that are present in the water. Besides this, they will also utilize deep cleaning that will thoroughly remove all of the bacteria and germs from every area of your home. Companies like Water Damage Zone have a lot of experience solving problems such as this, so you can trust us to get the job done right the first time.


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