Dangers of Standing Water

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Every single living thing needs water. However, when water is left to stand for long periods of time, it can get you into a lot of trouble. Standing water is one of the biggest threats to human life and most people are not even aware of what it does to their health. We are going to go through the main health problems that are generated from standing water and methods to eradicate this problem.

Health Problems Caused by Standing Water

There are several dangers when it comes to stagnant water. It is the favored breeding ground of mosquitoes, dragon flies and flies in general. Standing water is a nest that mosquitoes breed and grow within. Stagnant water is normally undisturbed by people for a long enough amount of time for disease causing mosquitoes to grow in.
Bacteria and viruses from all surrounding areas are attracted towards stagnant water like a magnet and it is there that they make contact with breeding insects. Eventually they will be carried around by the mosquitoes and flies that have been hatched in the stagnant water. If you think you’re safe from standing water in the street by staying inside your home, you’re wrong. Stagnant water serves as a nest to the mosquitoes, which means that once they grow up they start spreading disease in adjacent areas.
If the insects and disease don’t bother you, realize that standing water offers additional risks. It also is one of the main causes of the growth of mold inside the home. Mold presents a separate, but even deadlier threat to your health.
How to Minimize the Risk?
There are three things you need to carefully do upon the discovery of stagnant water:
1. Cover the stagnant water with sand, so that bacteria and the viruses are unable to grow and breed in it.

2. Make sure everything inside your home is properly covered and that there is no water left standing in your kitchen sink or bathrooms, this will help keep the mold from growing and ensure your safety.

3. Contact water damage professionals to assess the situation and take any additional steps that are necessary to completely sanitize the area.


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