Damage From Water

DSCN0458Water damage in your home or business can have an immediate impact on the possessions you own, and it can be a very daunting experience to work through.  In a matter of minutes, a lifetime’s worth of accumulated memories can be lost.

Whether it is from a burst pipe, leaking roof or other entry point, water can move very quickly through your home, and it can permanently damage the items it comes in contact with.  As water moves, it comes into contact with multiple areas which in turn can make insurance assessment and costs higher.  Water can also form what are known as transfer stains on wood and metal through the home, furniture can be damaged and wallpaper can begin to warp and split.  This can all happen in minutes after the water leak begins.

If the water leak is allowed to continue for hours, then your furniture will then begin to absorb water, warp and split.  Drywall and other finished building materials will begin to show the effects of water as it begins to become mushy as it absorbs the water.  Metal can begin to tarnish and show the early stages of rusting.  Odors in the home will become more acute and mold can begin to form.DSCN0466

If the water leak is allowed to proceed for days, this becomes the most drastic and costly stages of water damage.  As the water begins to have detritus float in it, it becomes known as grey water.  This term means that the water is slightly polluted, but not to the point of being black water which is infused with higher amounts of sewage.  Care still needs to be used when cleaning grey water as it can still pose health issues.  You will want to follow strict guidelines for disposing of items impacted with this kind of water damage for your safety.  Building materials will begin to crumble and waste away, and rust begins on uncoated materials.  Treated materials in the home will begin to warp and split.  Electric components will malfunction.  Finally, fungus will begin to appear around the home resulting in the need for mold remediation.

In the course of water damage in the home, it is always best to act immediately to find a solution to the cause and save any items potentially affected by the water.   The longer you wait, the higher your costs will be to repair your home.  If you act quickly through your own actions or by contacting a water removal specialist, then you can have your home back again.


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