Cleaning Mold in Your Home

When you find mold in your home, you have options of doing it yourself or calling in a professional.  Should you choose a self-cleaning, the first step that should be done is to identify the causes of the mold and repair this first.  In many cases, this can be a simple leak or condensation raising the humidity levels of a room.  Whatever it may be, you want to address this first in order to prevent the mold from recurring.  It will also be necessary to remove any affected materials such as drywall and carpeting.   Once you have finished this removal and site prepping, then the cleanup can begin.

That isn't a sweater, that's actually #moldbuildup inside a wall cavity.

That isn’t a sweater, that’s actually #moldbuildup inside a wall cavity.

Once you have addressed the issue creating the mold, then you can begin the test for mold.  Rule of thumb is that if you can see or smell it, then you probably have a mold issue.  If found early such as in a bathroom or wall, then the cleanup may be as simple as a damp cloth and a cleaning agent.  You want to careful of the cleaning agents used as some, such as ammonia can mix with mold to create toxic fumes.    A simple humidifier can assist the moisture in the air limiting the growth of mold.


If the mold in question is larger than 6 sq ft, then the cleanup becomes a little more detailed, and you should be methodical in your effort.  Don’t be in a hurry.  You want to have plastic sheets to cover doors, vents, and other openings into the room to prevent the movement of spores.  A respirator would be suggested, paper towels, heavy duty plastic garbage bags, a good cleaner without ammonia, bleach, rubber gloves, 3 one gallon buckets, HEPA-grade vacuum, and a dehumidifier.  Once these items have been procured, then you can proceed.

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In one bucket, mix the cleaner with water.  In a second bucket, mix one cup of bleach for every gallon of water.  Finally, put clean water in the third bucket.  Before cleanup can start, seal off the room with the plastic.  Do not allow children or pets into the work area, and do not eat, drink during the cleanup.  Use the dehumidifier to lessen moisture levels before and after cleanup.

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Once cleanup begins, use the cleaner solution in the first bucket to remove the mold.  Use clean towels regularly and throw the old towels away in the plastic garbage bags.  Rinse the area with the clean water and wipe down with a towel.  Continue to repeat these steps until all mold is gone.  If you have to use the bleach solution, then it would be best to leave the bleach solution for 15 minutes to have proper use of the chlorine in the bleach on the mold.  Once the bleach has had proper time, use the clean water to clean the areas.


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Once the cleaning has been finished, then use the HEPA-vacuum in the area.  Take your time here as mold spores might still be present.  The HEPA filter removes the spores that may have been left.  Once done, place the HEPA filter in a garbage bag.  Tightly secure the garbage bag, and remove to the garbage bins.  Waste water can be flushed down the toilets or sink.  Remove your cleaning clothes and scrub your hands and face.  Finally, wash your work clothes separately as this may spread mold spores.


If you feel that the mold issue is more than 6sqft or beyond your ability, make sure that you contact a mold remediation and removal service for the best results.  These companies have been trained in the proper methods for identification and cleanup.

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Mold in your house can be an issue that is overwhelming and intimidating.  Through following some simple steps and identifying the issue, then it becomes more manageable to accomplish.  You want to work on the issue as soon as possible, and then you can start enjoying your home again.


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