Carpet Mold



Carpets are one of the many things that make our homes enjoyable. When carpets aren’t cared for correctly they can become more than an eyesore, they become a source for mold to spread. When moisture begins to accumulate in the carpet and it is allowed to sit, it allows for the perfect conditions for mold growth. If you use rugs in your bathroom these will need to be frequently aired out and allowed to completely dry to prevent mold.

Cleaning Moldy Carpet

Carpets are full of small holes that allow mold to penetrate deep into their fibers. Once mold has grown in these tiny holes it is usually impossible to completely eradicate it. All the mold spores need is moisture and a warmer room temperature to begin growing again. If mold has penetrated deep into your carpet you will need to have it replaced. If you are removing it yourself, you will need to wear protective gear to prevent yourself from coming in contact with the mold.


Removing and Replacing

Replacing moldy carpet can be dangerous to your health if not done correctly. You can also spread the spores into other areas of your home that will now become contaminated with mold. The padding and floorboards underneath the carpet will need to be examined as well. All of these things may need to be replaced depending on the level of mold contamination. Some rooms may need to have carpet replaced with tiles that are easier to keep dry and remove mold from.

Professional Help

If you find mold covering a large surface area in your home, it is highly recommended that you call a mold remediation professional. In these cases, the mold can be toxic to your health and it is not advisable to fix the problem on your own. Professionals will make sure the mold is completely removed and that everything affected is properly replaced and functioning. Mold can create or make worse of the symptoms of respiratory problems, immune disorders, or allergies.


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