Capri Sun – Containing Mold

If you haven’t heard about Capri Sun, it is a beverage that people of all ages love to drink. Recently, it has been discovered that there is mold in the juice packets and people around the world are now worried about this problem effecting their homes. The company previously agreed that mold has been found in their packets and stated that they were taking all the necessary steps in order to keep their products safe and healthy for consumers. Let’s explore a few reasons that may have led to the growth of mold in these packets.

nUiK59v (1)First, you have to understand that mold is made up of minute fungi that can even make their way into a packet with the smallest of pores. The fact that mold is everywhere is not as imaginary as it sounds. Capri Sun comes in plastic packets and while it’s transferred from the factory to stores and shops, there is a chance of a slight leakage in the packets. Leaky packets give mold the medium it needs to spread to the rest of the products in the same shipment.

Capri Sun also proclaimed that the reason does not exist within the factory or how their products are being handled of manufactured. The problem could come from using juice past its expiration date or from packets left open in the manufacturing facility for long periods of time, allowing mold to make its way into the pack. The company has taken steps in order to make certain their products are mold free by making the bottom of the juice pack invisible so that consumers can see whether there is mold or not.

This problem isn’t limited to Capri Sun, it happens with other food products as well. Therefore, it is highly advised that consumers make sure that all food items are properly inspected for any presence of mold.


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