Bathroom Water Damage Signs


As we are told, Americans spend a third of their lives asleep.  While we have an amazing level of commitment to our beds, the area of the home that shares the commitment level is the bathroom.  It is a place where some of our best thinking occurs, and we feel vulnerable and yet safe in our bathrooms as well.

As we share such a unique relationship with a room in our home, it is beneficial to know warning signs in the room of the house which has the highest water usage in the home.  The bathroom, for all of its positive benefits, can be the most affected by water and damage.  There are five conditions where damage can occur in the bathroom and you might never suspect danger until it is too late.P3260008IMG_6733

The first sign that we get about bathroom issues is the common musty smell.  If you have a persistent damp feeling and smell in your bathroom, then chances are you have a water issue.  This dampness is caused by a moisture buildup in the walls and floors.  A telltale sign is peeling paint and loose tiles.

The second is recurrent mold and mildew.  Most people scrub their bathrooms to a high sheen, because there is nothing like a cleaned bathroom.  However, if you notice you keep getting mold and mildew quickly returning, you might have a caulk or waterproofing issue as water is seeping in.  No matter how much you scrub, there is no way you will get to the mold that is growing beneath the surface.Visual Mold Damage

You can see the third sign in the walls of the bathroom. As water enters the walls, it warps the walls so that they begin to bend and contort.  If you notice paint and wallpaper becoming loose, then you have a moisture issue in your walls that needs to be taken care of immediately.

A fourth is the gaps between the caulk, tub and tiles.  Remember that water will always find the path of least resistance in the home.  Any holes in this line of defense means that water will be able to seep into the crevices and create real damage.  ‘

The final test is to feel if your floors are spongy.  If you have soft, spongy floors, then you will want to get them fixed as soon as possible as it is a matter of time before your time in the bathroom ends up in the lower level of the home.  This will also cause your toilet to feel loose.

Water damage in the bathroom is serious business, and these issues will help you find the culprit and solve the issue before your bathroom turns from a place of refuge to a house of horrors.

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