Airborne Mold is More Common Than You Think


Most people cringe when they hear the word mold and immediately picture disgusting scenes in bathrooms and basements. Mold has long been known to produce uncomfortable symptoms in people who become exposed to it. They may begin to cough and wheeze, have itchy eyes, sore throat, headaches, nausea, or fatigue. You should be aware that mold spores are easily airborne and probably one of the allergens that are causing your allergy symptoms already.

Personal Protective Equipment

Airborne Mold

Mold that becomes airborne can create a variety of adverse health effects that vary in intensity from mild to deadly. The EPA and FEMA both have guidelines and restrictions for the level of mold spores that are present in indoor areas. Airborne mold can be just as deadly as mold you find growing in walls and that is why it must be treated with the same caution. If you are in the vicinity of visible mold, then chances are that you’re also inhaling it.

Mold and How It Spreads

Mold must become airborne in order to spread and reproduce. This is why when you see a mold colony you can already assume that spores are being created and flying off into the air to look for other surfaces to begin growing on. They grow best on damp surfaces with organic matter on them to feed on. Mold feeds on dead and decaying materials in nature. This is why it grows best in bathrooms where there is usually organic material laying on counters and floors.


The most dangerous substances found in mold spores are mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are dangerous and can be found in mold growing on food as well as in the environment. This is why it is important to be aware of mold in your surroundings and eliminate it as quickly possibly. Certain molds are more dangerous than others.

Keeping Areas Ventilated and Dehumidified

All rooms in your home should be ventilated so that air can easily enter and exit them. This will allow the mold spores to flow out of your rooms. Make sure that the air is also dry and not humid. Purchasing a dehumidifier will help to prevent humidity from lingering in your home. You can also purchase an air filter that will suck the air through it and absorb mold spores and other allergens so that they won’t bother you.


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