After being exposed to mold, food tips to keep your health levels up

Mold on Strawberries

When people are exposed to mold they must frequently wonder why they didn’t immediately face health symptoms after their exposure or what precautionary measures should be taken in order to ensure their safety. This is one of the most valuable questions to ask if you want to keep you or your loved ones safe from the dangers of mold. This problem can be minimized, if not eradicated, by simply eating more organic foods.
You must keep in mind that that even if you are not completely affected by mold, you will soon face danger if you keep eating foods that support the growth of mold. Let’s go through some foods that will help protect you from mold and foods you should avoid after direct exposure.

Foods to Eat


You may not be a huge fan of radish, but keep in mind that when it comes to mold and yeast, it is the best food you can get. Scientists around the world agree over the fact that radish works the best for detox. Radish is also found to be an effective agent against fungus due to anti-fungal proteins found inside the vegetable.


Like many tubers, Ginger is also very effective at detoxifying the body. Ginger helps increase blood circulation, detoxification of the liver and the stimulation of the immune system. It also has the ability to soothe inflammation of the intestinal tract, one of the symptoms people face when exposed to mold.


If you don’t like radish or ginger then you might want to consider eating an onion. Onions are the most common and effective vegetables you can borrow from your neighbors. It not just an anti-fungal, but also an agent that has the ability to flush excessive fluids out of the body. This is useful against mold because it causes water retention in affected individuals.

Foods to Avoid

Meat and Pasta

Meat and pasta are your biggest enemies if you are exposed to mold. These two foods majorly support the growth of mold and make things even worse if the meat is old. If you’re not vegetarian, then make sure that you buy organic meats and that they are fresh.



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