6 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Home

It’s easy to let things go in your home over time. Allowing them to gradually deteriorate and lose their functionality. The important key here is that these problems can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. These include rebuilding parts of the home that have become so damaged that there is no other option.

shingling house roof

1. Roof Damage

Your roof is the first place that water will enter your home if it is damaged. By regularly checking your roof, you can ensure that no leaks are forming and that your roof remains strong. Look for cracks or missing shingles, both of these signs will indicate that your roof is in need of some serious repairs.

2. Mold in Your Home

Check your home for moisture and monitor the level of humidity in all of the rooms. If it is too high in a certain room, purchase a dehumidifier to lower the level. Mold begins to form in areas where moisture has been allowed to build up for extended periods of time. The faster you get rid of mold, the less of a threat it poses to your health and home.

903876653. Gutters Aren’t Working Properly

Make sure that all of your gutters are properly connected and draining properly. You may have to unclog some of your gutters and drains to ensure that the whole system is working effectively to remove water from your home. Always ensure that you are using an appropriate ladder and safety equipment when performing repairs on your gutters.

4. Pest Infestation

Rotting wood and soil will attract pests such as ants and termites, who feed on these materials and use it to build their homes. These can be prevented by keeping landscaping away from the home’s foundation. That way pests can’t find their way inside the home. Once the structure of the home has been breached by pests the best thing a homeowner can do is call a pest control company to eliminate the bugs before they cause serious damage.

The Wall

5. Siding is Rotting or Deformed

When you notice that your siding is beginning to fall off, or that it has cracks, it is time to consider replacing the siding on your home. Siding is pretty cheap and easy to replace so you should take care of this problem right away before it becomes any more expensive. If your siding is damaged, you may also notice that your heating or cooling bill is much higher than usual. This is typical and should return to normal after you resolve this issue.

6. Cracks in Your Foundation

Walk around the home with a number 2 pencil and look at the foundation. Find all of the cracks and stick the pencil in starting with the lead tip. If the pencil goes all the way in, up to the yellow paint, then it is a sign that you need to call professionals to repair your foundation. Keep in mind that companies like Water Damage Zone are open 24/7 and able to assist you with problems such as these at any time. Don’t wait to fix issues like this until the last minute!


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